Watch what you eat

To all the girls who have hormonal imbalance or menstrual disturbances should very cautiously monitor what you are putting inside your body. Many time unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle aggravates your condition of polycystic ovarian syndrome.

This condition can’t be cured. Medicines will only give temporary relief. Untill you take them you feel good but once you stop talking medication again the entire array of symptoms reappear.

Hence instead of going for a short term relief look for the bigger picture. PCOD or PCOS can be easily managed by bringing certain changes in lifestyle.

Today I’ll be sharing with you what you must eliminate from your diet and what to include. You can always experiment with flavour to satisfy your taste buds.

First of all say no to refined flour. Refined flour is the major ingredient in various dishes like cookies, cakes, pastries, pizza, burgers which are very much part of our lives. Replace it completely with whole wheat or multigrain flour.

Refined flour is plain carbohydrate with zero fibre. It has been reported to harm your body, leads to weight gain which worsens PCOD.

Next avoid as much as possible refined white sugar. Again it’s the major culprit which is destroying our body. You can replace it with honey, jaggery.

Further avoid fried food, too much cheese, packed food like chips etc. All these are not healthy for your body.

Fill your diet with food rich in fibre, protein, roughage, vitamins and minerals. This includes eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables, curd, brown rice, multigrain bread, pulses. People who eat non-vegetarian diet can go for egg and fish.

Trust me start slow by bringing change in your diet plan and then take another step. Definitely you will see change in your body, your temperament and you will feel better and health and with time your periods might also normalize. And ya towards the end, you can have a cheat day in a month. 🙂

I missed my periods..

Oops I am going to talk about something that is taboo in many countries including India and that is “Periods” or “Menstruation”

Still in remote parts of India periods is seen as a disease unaware that it’s a sign of a woman being healthy and fertile. Even today women are abandoned for the time they are on their periods for usually 3-7 days.

But I am not going to go deep in that, that’s a whole another story and concern that makes me feel sad.

Many women who are suffering from poly cystic ovarian syndrome undergo irregular or infrequent menstruation.

For the ones who are not aware, every month women from the age of around 12 years to around 50 years have vaginal blood discharge which is called menstrual blood and continues for 3-7 days. If a women is pregnant she will not have period.

Now, I got my first period while I was 15 years of age which is quite late. I guess I was the only girl in my class during that time who had delayed periods.

Since I was unaware of my PCOD I never knew why I am undergoing cycle of irregular periods, or extremely heavy periods where the amount of blood discharge was quite high and pain too.

Also women undergo PMS (Pre menstrual syndrome) which varies from person to person. Syndrome here stand for ‘group of symptoms’.One week or so prior to periods women have severe symptoms that includes mood swings, irritability, pain in back and limbs. In my case it was quite extreme. I would either isolate myself totally or get really mad, furious with anger and cry. It is really difficult to manage what your body goes through. But it can be managed which I will share with you further.

When I shared this with my mother few times, she being a typical Indian woman never took it seriously instead kept saying it will normalise with time. Even going to a gynaecologist before marriage was taboo for her. And to discuss this with my dad was unimaginable.

Hence being teenage and unaware I kept quite though I discussed with my friends and was quite surprised and taken aback to know how thier parents are very open towards their health issues.

Nevertheless I accepted it as part of my life and agreed to my mother’s words that it will get normalised…….

What is PCOD ?

A medical definition will not suffice to pen down what PCOD is..

I was a young girl while I started witnessing wierd changes in my body. How suddenly I started becoming overly conscious around myself and others.

Yes that was my teenage time. From a girl who was carefree, not worrying about what I am wearing, how I am looking I starting questioning myself for what was not in my control.

What was that??

PCOD, today many women around the world are suffering from it. It is reported every 5th girl has PCOD(Poly cystic ovarian disorder).

PCOD is not life threatening, that is why gets underestimated or overlooked. But it leads to various emotional trauma to person going through it. Reason being broad range of symptoms associated with it.

In my next section I will be sharing what are the symptoms associated with PCOD and how many lives are getting affected.

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